reddot From the raw material to the finished part for Flintlock weapons

In the following, I will show you how, by using several Flintlock parts, I manufacture the finished parts from a raw material.

Stock making

First of all, milling of the raw parts takes place on the milling machine.
Already during this working stage, the hand of the operator is required, without which no conventional machine moves.
Each measurement has to be set by hand and the abetment is started manually.
The machine does the rougher work, but it cannot replace the skill and the experienced eye of the master, however, nor his love of detail.

The final finish of the weapon parts by hand is the final and most time-intense working stage. In this way, each weapon becomes unique - made especially for you - quality for generations.
In comparison, a weapon produced in series has no soul. The one made by hand is filled with life and the expression of the demands of its owner.

Manufacture of the lock parts



Lock plate:
First the raw part is sawn and then pre-milled.



From the milled part, the outer shape is eroded.



By filing, the final shape is formed. The bore and thread are made.
gefräst Cock:
Here, the raw part is initially sawn and the shape eroded.
gefräst Then the cock is filed until complete.
gefräst Frizzen:
Raw part is eroded
gefräst roughly pre-filed
gefräst frizzen filed completely

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